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Alegre's Promise to You - Warranty Policy

Our warranty covers any faults that occur in the first 7 or 13 months (*depending on the model) from date of shipping. This excludes faults caused by the way the device is treated and/or used by the customer.


Important – Warranty conditions

Products are not expected to be indestructible; use of a smartphone can affect its durability. 

The Alegre warranty will not apply in the below instances:

  • Cracked screen or physically damaged
  • Water damage
  • Software that has been tampered with
  • Unauthorised repairs (3rd party repairs)
  • Customer has failed to take reasonable steps to avoid the quality becoming unacceptable
  • Customer has used the product abnormally


How do I submit a Warranty Claim?

1.   Ensure your device is within warranty period from order date

2.   Complete the online Warranty Form submission link below

3.   Our Sales Support Team will advise of your Return Merchandise Authorisation  (RMA) number within 24 hours along with instructions on how to ship your item

4.   Our Technicians will inspect the device to identify the fault. Our Sales Support Team will advise you of one of the below three (3) outcomes:

  • Fault Identified:  The original purchase value of the device will be applied as a credit on your NETO account (for future purchases through Alegre Wholesale)*
  • Device Warranty Rejected: The device will be returned to your store
  • Device iCloud/Google Locked: You will receive a notification email from Alegre to remove iCloud/Google lock. NB: The device will be returned if still locked after 5 days (administration fee may apply)

*IF you would like a replacement device sent in lieu of a NETO credit, please send an email to (with the RMA Number) and best endeavours will be made to accommodate this request. 


NB: Google or iCloud Locked devices

Apple and Google (Android) devices may have an account lock (either iCloud or Google Account) and until this is removed we are unable to access the device to process the device for warranty.

Our SalesSupport Team will notify you if a device is locked and if the device remains locked after 5 days, the product will be returned to your store and a $20 Administration fee  will apply.


Please submit your Warranty Claims using the Warranty Submission Form link below

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