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Alegre is one of Australia’s premier and preferred Smartphone & Tablet Trade In and Wholesale Sales companies with well established customer and industry partnerships. This is underpinned by our professional business approach and successful delivery of the entire “paddock to plate” solution within the Australian market – meaning we own and run device Trade In Programs, fully diagnose and assess these devices, then prepare these devices for re-sale to consumers.


We reduce the risk of buying pre-owned mobile devices by sourcing, diagnosing and guaranteeing our devices are the best value in the market. Alegre is an entrepreneurial, growth focused company which embraces new business ideas, innovation and technologies. We put our customers first and strive to secure their loyalty through the highest quality products and services. We embrace professionalism and seek excellence in everything we do. 


Our successful two-fold strategy has been focused on:

1. Gaining access to over 75% of Australian Trade In devices by securing strategic partnership agreements across key industry players and corporate customers.

2. Establishing a diverse and resilient sales strategy across multiple channels, both within Australia and internationally, which enables us to deliver competitive prices for our wholesale customers.


Here is a quick recap of our offering –

1)            Alegre is an Australian owned and operated company, based in Sydney

2)            We offer high quality, genuine second hand smartphones and tablets at competitive prices

3)            All our devices are network unlocked, which means they will work with any Australian SIM Card

4)            We back the quality of our preowned devices by offering you warranty of 12 months on all devices

5)            All of our devices go through a 72-point inspection check and are physically data wiped

6)            We provide professionally individually packaged devices including a scannable IMEI number for your inventory system

7)            All our devices are individually packaged with USB cable & SIM tool. 

8)            You'll have access to our Wholesale Ordering Portal where you can manage orders and warranty claims, as well as have real-time visibility of available devices to purchase

9)            We offer free shipping Australia-wide and we have a dedicated customer support team during business hours

10)          Using second hand devices from Alegre is also about making the most of our planets resources and keeping usable electronic items in use and out of land fill





“Country Tech entered the ‘refurbished phone market’ through Alegre with some apprehension, having never sold these devices before. Nearly 18 months later we could not be happier. We have sold in excess of 130 phones (over $60,000 worth) with less than 3% fault/return rate. We have stocked a range of Apple phones and tablets, and Samsung phones and tablets. Alegre have provided outstanding service, communication, and support throughout this journey. If you appreciate healthy margins, simplicity of ordering, and a product that sells itself, it’s time to get on board with Alegre. They are a retail game-changer!”
~ Daniel K., Managing Director – Country Tech


"We find the refurbished phones a good option for people who can’t necessarily afford one of the latest model phones and it also give us an opportunity to sell iPhone’s as we are not an Apple Certified Dealer. The support we receive from yourself is also very much appreciated, with quick responses and good solution’s when we have problems thrown at us, which always keeps our customers happy! Despite the odd phone we send back under warranty (there’s always a chance of 1 device being faulty, even with brand new ones), they are a good quality device and we will continue to buy from Alegre". 
~ Jaz, Mobile Device Centre


"We have been selling the refurbished handsets from Alegre for almost 2 years now. Have had a total of only 5 units come back with varying issues during that time. Never had a problem with Alegre in either exchange or credit for the handsets that were deemed faulty. Excellent to deal with. Handsets are supplied in a plain white box similiar to the original OEM box handsets come in, with charge/sync cable and the tool to eject the SIM card tray. We will always offer acessories i.e. carry case, better quality headphones, screen cleaners and armoured charge cable to boost the sale and profitability. Our experience with Alegre has been great and we have no complains. This is as good as it gets!"
~ Carlo B, Gladstone