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Alegre’s pre-owned devices have been lightly used, very well looked after by their original owners and have successfully passed our 72-point inspection test.

Our pre-owned, 100% tested - retail ready for sale - device range consists of:

  • Apple iPhones
  • Samsung Galaxy 
  • Apple iPads & other tablets
  • Other Android devices
  • Apple Watches





All As New (A Grade), Excellent (B Grade), Good (C Grade), Fair (D Grade) & Imperfect (IMP) devices are backed by Alegre’s Hassle free warranty (7 months or 13 months depending on the model). Please refer to the item description to verify the length of warranty offered and to the sample images below for accurate representation of how the device you'll receive will appear.

Our Smartphones & Tablets are individually, professionally packaged in a white generic box with USB cable, AU Certified AC Wall Adaptor & SIM tool. Our Smartwatches come with charger cable and a grey band.


Please note that whilst the As New, Excellent, Good & Fair grades are fully functional, the Imperfect Grade (IMP) will present a minor cosmetic or fuctional issue that still allows for the usage of the device.


The Imperfect (IMP) items will present one (1) of the following four (4) imperfections. Upon ordering, the stock is randomly selected so we are unable to confirm which of these faults will be evident in your purchase.

  •  Screen or frame chip - these devices are fully functional but have a chip in the glass (either the camera, screen, back or home button glass). They have a good display and no heavy marks.
  •  Cosmetic damage - these devices are fully functional but have heavy scratches on the screen or bubbles under the screen. They have a good display and no chips in the glass. 
  •  Faulty touch/face ID - these devices power on but have a bad touch/face ID sensor or home button that clicks. There are no chips in the glass and they have a good display. 
  •  Display blemish - These devices are fully functional but have a display blemish (discolouration, ghosting, dead pixel). There are no chips in the glass or heavy scratches.

If you have any questions regarding our grades, please contact our Sales Support team. 







As New (A Grade)



Excellent (B Grade)



Good (C Grade)



Fair (D Grade)


We do our best to provide accurate descriptions and sample images of our cosmetic grades. Please note that this can be subjective as the way our technicians may determine if an item is in As New, Excellent, Good or Fair condition may differ from that of a buyer. Signs of wear will always differ from one device to another - depending on how it was used by the previous owner - so devices that seem to be in different levels of condition may still fall under the same grade if both fit our criteria accordingly. If you need more information about our cosmetic grades please contact our Sales Support Team.



All Alegre retail ready-for-sale Smartphones & Tablets are individually packaged with USB cable, AU Certified AC Wall Adaptor & SIM tool.

Our Apple Watches come with charger and a grey band.