Water is life. The unique shape of the R17’s notch is inspired by a droplet ofwater captured at the moment before it falls; a brief, transitional state betweenmovement and stillness, where anything is possible. When you turn on thescreen, it bursts into life as if infused with the reinvigorating power of water.

When it comes to selfies, you’re the expert on all the bestways to bring out your natural beauty. That’s why the R17’sAI Beauty Camera lets you take control. Featuring faceslimming, makeup and six other fully configurable modes aswell as a live preview option, the AI Beauty Camera lets you decide what goes into the making of a perfect shot. At thesame time, it learns your beauty tricks from the settings youuse, so that the more you use your camera, the better it gets at taking photos.

You can unlock your R17 instantly just by touching the screen thanks to its hidden fingerprint sensor. An ultra-photosensitive sensor under the display ensures crystal-clear fingerprint images.

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